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informal research setting

Hire the lab.

Our friendly and easy to use lab is the perfect place to conduct your user research. It’s an adaptable space which can be as formal or relaxed as you need. Sessions are recorded and shared. We can provide devices or you can bring your own.


Participant recruitment.

The quality of your research is dependent on speaking to the right people. Let us help you find and recruit the right people.


Observation room.

A large, open and bright space with lots of white walls allowing teams to observe and synthesise as the research is taking place. Moving away from the traditional dark and quiet rooms with a two way mirror.


User research, synthesis & analysis.

Our team of expert user researchers can plan, facilitate, synthesis and analyse you research. Providing you with a plan of what to do next based on the findings.

Our streaming service enables you to watch the research remotely, from the comfort of your office.

Remote observation.

If your whole team wants to be there in person, or prefer not to travel our high speed streaming capabilities support both.


Lean and agile delivery.

We have lots of experience in agile delivery and coaching in an iterative and multidisciplinary environment. Let us help you foster a more agile and innovative culture.

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