The lab.


Find Out is the perfect place to conduct research on both desktop and mobile devices.  We have a relaxed sofa area and a more formal office environment.

When designing the lab we opted against a one way mirror as it can lead participants to have the observer effect, changing behaviour which can negatively affect your research.


With its spacious warehouse feel, our large observation room is the perfect environment for your team to work and observe users. Our large writeable white wall means your team can download and synthesis findings immediately, enabling you to iterate prototypes in real time.


If your whole team is unable to attend on the day, we’d be happy to stream it back to your office. We have the fastest broadband in the city, so speed and quality of streaming can be guaranteed.

If you need help with participant recruitment or you need us to provide

a user researcher, please get in touch.


Our tech is easy to use, the epiphan pearl mini  has a touch screen display, enabling you to start and stop multiple streams and recordings with one click.  The technology records multiple channels separately, so you can make a video for clients of the participant's headshot, their screen or both.