Find Out hosts GSJ

Here at Find Out, we are really excited to be a host for Global Service Jam. We spoke to one of the organisers, Joe Bramall to find out what it’s all about.

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What is Global Service Jam?

Joe explained that the jam is “an informal 3 days where you get to learn different design techniques, specifically around service design. It’s a place where people come to collaborate, meet new people, practice skills, network and learn to use the tools used in the design thinking process.” This year's event starts on Friday evening 29th March when the theme will be revealed to the world. You’ll then have 48 hours to work in a team and come up with a solution. There are over 100 hundred cities taking part across the globe, seven of which are in the UK.

Why did you first get involved in Service jam?

Joe is now a service designer at  FutureGov . He told us how attending previous jams has helped him in his career. “I’ve always worked in design, starting as a graphic designer before moving into UX design. Like a lot of people I wasn’t totally happy with work, I just felt the work I was doing in UX was too narrow and I was constantly trying to broaden my skillset without having the opportunity to at work.  I wanted to understand more about what the users were doing and the role of user research. I came across service design and immediately realised this was what I wanted to do.”

“I started looking for events that could help me learn and progress my career, this is when I first heard about service jam. I first attended a jam in Leeds and met a group of really supportive people. It was a massive eye-opener as they approached problems totally differently to how I was used to. It was really refreshing and invigorating.
Having attended a few events over the years I decided that I wanted to try and grow the community in Liverpool and so last year along with a few of us hosted the event here. "

What should someone expect if they attend for the first time?

“A warm welcome, above all it’s a safe space to learn. I’d encourage anyone interested in learning techniques like user research and journey mapping to come along, it’s a far cheaper way to learn than attending courses that can cost hundreds of pounds” In addition to learning tangible skills Joe went on to explain how the event is great if you want to “meet like-minded people, network and become part of the community we are trying to build here in Liverpool”.

Service design 101

Jo explained service design is about taking a holistic look, it “is the design of end to end services around user needs. We always look at things from the users perspective because they're why the service usually exists in the first place".

What’s the difference between a jam and a hackathon?

Whilst Global Service jam is very similar to a hackathon, Joe explained that “it’s called a jam as it’s like when musicians jam, it’s free-flowing and collaborative. No one goes to the jam knowing what they are going to work on so it’s different to a hack where people go already having ideas.”

So, if you are interested in collaboration, learning, having fun and networking get your tickets and we’ll see you there!