Welcome to Find Out.

Liverpool’s first UX lab

A year of talking about it and it’s finally here. Find out, Liverpool’s first user research lab has opened its doors. If you are interested in booking or would simply like a tour please get in touch.

Our Home

We hope you agree that it was worth the wait. The lab offers a more formal desk environment and sofa area for mobile testing. Both the observation room and lab have a warehouse feel. Our large observation has a white board wall, it is the perfect environment for a large team to synthesis findings on the day. Alternatively, we can stream the research back to your office.

Our tech is easy to use, the epiphan pearl mini  has a touch screen display, enabling you to start and stop multiple streams and recordings with one click.  The technology records multiple channels separately, so you can make a video for clients of the participant's headshot, their screen or both.

We are excited to have opened a user research lab in Liverpool and look forward to working with businesses that want to create great products and services around user needs. We hope to be a welcome addition to Liverpool’s growing and thriving creative community.